Jansen Design

Interaction design

Interaction design facilitates interaction between people and their environment. Interaction design helps to create meaningful relationships between people and products and services they use.

HMI design

User interfaces or dashboards connect users to machines, systems or devices. When designed well it can improve operational efficiency and minimise human errors.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)​ design

We can help you to create user friendly Human Machine Interfaces:

  • Human-centred design
  • Pleasant appearance and experience
  • Customised/ tailer-made solutions 


  • Research: user behaviour, operation processes
  • UI design: screen layout, colour palette, graphics, icons, pictures, text, navigation,  and alarms
  • Information architecture: organising information, designing how to access information, information hierarchy
  • Input control design: button layout, dashboard design
  • Testing: testing and evaluating designs with prototypes, optimising interaction

App design

We can deliver all creative assets for your app. 

  • UI design
  • UX design
  • Wireframes
  • Animations
  • Rapid-prototyping
  • Testing


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Looking for other services?

  • Minimising human errors
  • Maximising operational efficiency
  • Making better-informed decisions
  • More intuitive operation
  • More efficient response to problems
  • Improved used experience and job satisfaction
  • A safer interaction with the machine, device or system

Automotive, industrial, medical, telecommunication, aerospace, construction, agriculture, water, energy and power plants, food and beverage, manufacturing, retail, recycling and transportation